About XT Smart Chain

XT Smart Chain is a decentralized, energy-efficient public chain. It is compatible with smart contracts and supports high-performance transactions. The endogenous token of the XT smart chain is XT, which adopts the HPoS consensus mechanism, which has low transaction costs, Features such as low transaction latency and high transaction concurrency.

The mission of XT Smart Chain is not only a public chain, but also focuses on discovering and supporting high-potential developers and innovative projects. Relying on the world's largest trading ecosystem, XSC is committed to becoming the birthplace of innovative technologies and innovative businesses. , To build a complete ecological cycle of technology development, application promotion, and trading.

Three steps to start XT smart chain ecological application
  • Step 1

    Install on-chain wallet

    Support MetaMask, imTkoen, TokenPocket and other wallets.

  • Step 2

    Purchase XSC assets

    You can purchase XSC assets on the XT exchange and withdraw them to the wallet on the chain. It is also possible to exchange other public chain assets into XSC assets through a cross-chain bridge.

  • Step 3

    Browse XSC projects

    There are certain risks in using any project on a decentralized public chain. Users need to identify the quality of the project by themselves to avoid loss of funds.

  • Block Data
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    Average GAS fee

  • Technical characteristics
  • Higher transaction performance

    Using HPos consensus mechanism, high throughput, low transaction latency, high transaction concurrency, and block generation time as low as 3s.
  • Lower transaction fees

    Meta transaction function, fee reduction and exemption, further reducing the cost of developers and users on the chain.
  • Smoother cross-chain experience

    Support the transfer of cross-chain assets in multiple mainstream currencies to create a more extreme cross-chain experience.
  • More comprehensive compatible contract

    Supports all ETH RPC interfaces and related SDKs, seamlessly connecting to the ETH ecosystem.
  • Messages
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