Whenever it is found that the verifier has not packaged a block according to the predefined, the `Punish` contract will be automatically called at the end of the block, and the verifier will be counted. When the count reaches 24, all the verifier’s income will be punished. When the count reaches 48, the validator will be removed from the list of active validators and disqualified.


XT Smart Chain's mining rewards are only commissions. The distribution rules are as follows:

10% to backups (10% is evenly distributed to ordinary validator nodes)

40% validators share by vote (40% is distributed to active validator nodes in proportion to the pledge weight)

50% validators share (50% is evenly distributed to active validator nodes)

For any account, you can pledge any number of coins to the validator, If you want to cancel the mortgage, you need to do the following:

1. Send unstaking transaction to validator management contract;

2. Wait for 86400 blocks and then send a withdrawal transfer to the validator management contract.

Each validator node can individually set the percentage of the current block reward to be distributed to users. Staking users get rewards based on the percentage. Ordinary validator nodes can also be distributed to staking users.




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